Should we be worried of our dreams?

Two days ago I had a nightmare, it was very bad that I think it’s going to happen for real. But I’m kind of desperate to find out wether should I worry about my dreams or just get over with? It is so much frustating if we think our dreams will happen, there is so much thought happening around our forehead. Our brain basically need supplies and there are dozens of supplies to feed our brain, one of them are curiousity. It is human at its stakes to find out what’s going on? why we eat that? why we smoke and how do we learn?. Those questions asked our brain but ourself can’t find a single clue to find the answers. It’s because we are so ignorant about things that going to happen soon if we didn’t eat and were asking to much what should we eat, smoke till our lungs collapsed and finally we can’t give a single attention to these questions.

We should be worried of our dreams, it’s not because we must rely on spiritual beliefs but we need to be careful when we step forward. Dreams are complex and we were not that great knowing what’s that dream meant for then there’s Deja Vu, It’s a condition when you met someone but you’ve already seen them before and soon you realize that guy was in your dream. These speculations can’t be missed. Deja Vu is a sign, not a future teller. Back on the story, you just met a guy of your dream and the next thing was getting spilled a coffe on your shirts. Deja Vu’s are benefits and is far away from detriment. It makes us capable of avoiding bad choices.

Still, we must put a half belief on our dreams and the other half is drivel assumption. You dont want to be dissapointed for beliving your good dreams will come in a sudden moment, right?


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